mobilní menu

Taste and enjoy

If you’d like to sample our wines to find out “the one” that’s been waiting for you, we offer a number of options. We’ll gladly organize a guided tasting for you, but if you prefer, we’ll let you pick and choose to your desire. Tastings take place at our modern wine cellar in Nový Šaldorf, which received the “Best Wine Bar” award as part of the Gourmet South Moravia project.



In the course of each year, we produce around 20 different types of wines with special designations; and during a stay at our cellar, you may feel free to taste them to your heart’s content, down the wine list and up again.  For starters, we’ll usually curate a set of 6 - 8 samples which are representative of the broad range of our portfolio.  As the tasting event progresses, we take our cues from the taste preferences of the individual participants. 

Our cuisine is always designed to stand out, respecting regional ingredients and growing seasons (though we also know how to prepare and present exotic ingredients).  It may be sophisticated or plain, but it’s always seasoned right on point, and with an unforgettable touch of originality.  Simply put, run-of-the-mill breaded schnitzels are not our thing...

The customer is king

Our tasting events respect the time-honored adage according to which “the customer is king”.  It is an honor for us to be your attentive host on the appealing modern premises of our wine cellar.  Along with our fine wines, we offer fantastic food from our very own cuisine.  And if you’re looking for a truly multi-sensory experience, we’ll gladly hire a band to entertain you with hammered dulcimer music or jazz.

So, why would your choice fall on us as you are looking for a suitable venue, whether it be an informal party of friends, an unforgettable treat for your corporate team, or a celebration that calls for an extraordinary ambiance?

“It’s simple – if you seek quality, come to us”

Wine tasting geared to your choices

Wine tasting geared to your choices

An individual get-together over our wine list, with sampling quantities starting at 0.5 dl and maybe leading to a choice of whole bottles, combined with small snacks, garnished plates, or served dinner from our menu.
Prices as per the current wine list.

Guided wine tasting

Guided wine tasting

6 samples to showcase our winery, bread, water – duration approx. 1 hour
Price: CZK 250 / person

Royal guided wine tasting

Royal guided wine tasting

10-12 samples, including our supreme series and/or archived wines, bread, water – duration approx. 2 hours
Price: CZK 550 / person

All-night wine tasting

A wine evening that lasts around five hours and always includes a guided tasting, after which our wines with special quality designations are served. Meals to match as per your choice: from simple refreshments to pre-ordered wine pairings.

Gathering with cold snacks - CZK 1,000 / person
Ripened cheeses, traditional meats and cold cuts, spreads, home-made pate, veggies, olives, etc.

Gathering with hot dinner and cold snacks CZK 1,100 / person
Soup, served hot dinner – same meal for the entire group, as per your choice
ca. 300g of snack food / person (see above).

“A Feast For The Senses“ -a gathering with tasting, individually served wine, and a lavishly laid table, including hot specialties, a variety of side dishes, and a cold buffet – starting from CZK 1,250 / person.

Experiential gastronomy

Multi-course served dinner, with each course paired with our wines: starting from CZK 1,450 / person
(Price depending primarily on the number of courses and the ingredients used)
4-course menu CZK 1,450 / 5-course menu CZK 1,650 / Royal Dinner CZK 2,100 / person
The menu composition can be influenced or a specific price offer can be prepared according to the agreement.