mobilní menu

Who drinks well deserves to eat well

We make wine with enthusiasm and diligence, and it is with the same kind of verve that we eventually threw ourselves also at gastronomy. After all, it would be a shame to have middling food with a top-notch wine, wouldn’t it? Besides, we love to do wine-pairing – in a sense, we merely combined business and pleasure. Allow us to share the results of our efforts with you!



Our goal is straightforward: serve good food on a pretty plate, in cozy surroundings and pleasant company. Our dishes are prepared without cutting corners, from fresh quality ingredients. Our meat comes from organic farms, and we make our own pates and spreads without any chemical additives whatsoever.

Experiential gastronomy – culinary evenings

We never stop learning and improving, also in the kitchen, where we take the odd page or two out of the playbook of leading Czech chefs. At our wine cellar in Nový Šaldorf, we host culinary evenings featuring the true stars in the field. In this way, such aces of Czech gastronomy as Pavel Sapík (Terasa u zlaté studně), Pavel Býček (The Eatery), or Radek David (La Veranda), to name but a few, have been sharing their mastery of culinary art with us.
We also regularly participate in gastro festivals, putting together menus with such doyens of Czech cuisine as Roman Paulus, Zdeněk Pohlreich, and lots of other top-billing chefs.

Pairing wine and dishes

Wine-pairing is a truly enjoyable discipline to us. We travel a lot and painstakingly record our experiences from other leading restaurants and wine-makers, both at home and beyond the borders. Besides, we also love to experiment ourselves. Visit us, follow our lead, and then tell us how we did.